Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party – Class of 2017 Spokesmodel Welcome Party


I was so excited to start off my Class of 2017 Spokesmodel Team with a fun welcome party, but I also wanted it to align with our mission. I have an AMAZING group of young ladies who have signed on to help get the word out about Kristie Bradley Photography and spread kindness along the way!
Our motto this year…”Kindness is Always Fashionable”.
I love the melding of fashion and our mission here and our welcome party created the perfect mix as well!

My past and present Spokesmodels got together to participate in a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting party! We were super lucky that the sweet owner of Pulse Barre Studio hosted our event. Her space is gorgeous and was a perfect place to spread out and make some shoes for kids in Africa! You MUST check her out for amazing Barre and Yoga classes! The girls brought TONS of jeans(so many that we were able to donate two more bags after the party!) that were used to create the shoe patterns.


In small groups we created SEVEN patterns for children’s shoes. These patterns will be sent to the Sole Hope headquarters and taken to Africa to help their mission to provide shoes for children. Not only are shoes provided but the patterns are given to shoemakers and Sole Hope is able to provide jobs for locals as well.
Please go check out the Sole Hope website to learn more about the amazing mission they are on!



The final pattern looks like this and takes multiple pieces of jeans and plastic. They make the most adorable shoes. Plus it was such a sweet surprise that we got a pattern for a Size 12 shoe which is the same size my son wears. It really hit home to be able to see that children his age would be getting shoes they otherwise would not have. Such a blessing this has been. Between Kelly of Pulse Barre Studio and my amazing past and present Spokesmodels we created 7 pairs of shoes, raised almost $100 for donation and collected a huge amount of supplies(cotton balls, medical tape, bandaids etc.) that will be donated to Sole Hope!!


We had such a fun time! The only group photo from the night was an iPhone shot, but I still love it!


We also had a little challenge running during the party and this creative group won!
Congrats girls! I’ll have your prize at the model shoot!


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Plus, behind the scenes of our photo shoots and the development of the NEW Kristie Bradley Photography Studio in Ashland, Va!!!!

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